Together We Stand

Masjid Ibn Abass is a movement of masjid communities working together to change the nation through a network of church leaders, national gatherings, training events and resources. Giving God all the glory he deserves.

To enable this to happen there are people and teams all across the nation pushing this common vision. All this requires time, investment and application of the gifts God has given to each of us.

Five Daily Prayers

Jummah Prayer

Ramadan, Eid-ul-fitr, and Other Special Islamic Days

Weekend Arabic & Quran Classes

  • Begin to understand the Quran in Arabic, and over time you don’t always have to fully rely on translations to understand what you’re reciting.

  • Stay more focused in your salaah because you understand each word you recite instead of remembering just a vague translation (or not knowing the meaning at all)
  • Understand what the imam is reciting when you’re in congregational prayer and stay connected in prayer instead of your mind drifting away as you wait for the takbir
  • Find it easier to memorize more surahs from the Quran because you have expanded your Quranic vocabulary and have become familiar with the structure of the Arabic language
  • Feel a deeper, stronger connection when you make dua from the Quran and Hadiths because you have deeper understanding of the words you’ve memorized?

Offer class for the youth every day and adult literacy Provided Marriages service

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